DJ Tantric

DJ Tara

Tara In-Project was founded 1999 by us, two DJs (Tantric, DJ Tara) and a keyboarder (Dani Z.). The mission was to make the people on the dancefloor happy on the upcoming Chakra-Party. Chakradelic (formerly Chakra) is well known as organiser for Goatrance / Psytrance partys.

We represent a wide range of music-styles and techniques:

  • DJ Tantric has studied music at the ACM and played guitar in many rock-bands before. Also he was DJing for Chakra and other partys. He has a very good feeling for harmonys and melodys. He worked and DJed also for the record-company K-TEL so he knows, how the music-business works.
  • DJ Tara has many years of computer and synthesizer-experience behind. Also he was standing behind the wheels of steel since 1986. He played a wide range of music-styles started with pop and italo-disco over chicago-house, hip-hop and funk up to tekkno in the early 90s. He started with trance-music in 1996.

Following some milestones

  • January 2000: First Live Performance at Chakradelic Party / Club "Jail", Zurich
  • August 2000: First Release on CD
  • Thanks to Caterian from Chakradelic Records we made many more live acts and releases on compilations in the next years (see discography )
  • December 2002: The long awaited Album "Trance'N'Tallica" was finished and the first 1000 CDs pressed by Chakradelic Records in Switzerland.


  • DJ Tara (Claudio Z.):
    since 1986 (Vynil) DJ, Yamaha RS7000, Roland MC-303, Cubase-Expert, Percusion
  • DJ Tantric (Marcel Z.):
    since 1990 DJ, E-Guitar, Music-Expert
  • Daniel Z.:
    since 1992 Keyboarder

Thanks To

  • God, Our Familys and Parents
  • All the party people who supported us and gave us that much nice feedback
  • Caterina and Beat from Chakradelic Records And also many thanks to Fuda, Steffi, Kali....
  • The Galaxsix, Roli, Mäse, Beat
  • Tom for the Guitar-Samples
  • Susi for the nice logo and grafix dezign
  • Peach for the very exciting sound-system on his open-air party
  • and...and...and...(to be continued, sorry if you're not yet listed here)

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